Pickering Corts And Summerson

Our History

PCSoffice1In 1918, Edward Pickering, Jr. embarked on a mission to provide land surveying services to communities in Bucks County, PA, founding the organization that would become Pickering, Corts & Summerson, Inc.

Professional Surveyors Edward Pickering, III and Howard T. Corts expanded the firm’s services in 1953 by hiring Professional Engineer Gerald J. Summerson, forming the partnership known as Pickering, Corts & Summerson. The company focused on design and construction projects in the Bucks County region.

Pickering, Corts & Summerson was chartered as a corporation in 1962 with Edward Pickering, III as the company’s first President, Howard T. Corts as Vice President, and Gerald J. Summerson as Secretary/Treasurer.

Throughout the years, PCS has provided excellent professional services to numerous public and private clients. Our continued success and growth in reputation has enabled us to expand our office locations throughout the Delaware Valley region with our main office located in Newtown, PA.

Our Founders:

Edward Pickering, III (1910 – 1999)

Bio-EdwardPickeringMr. Pickering was a graduate of the George School in 1929. He then studied Highway Engineering and Land Surveying through the International Correspondence School. Following his education, he was an apprentice surveyor with Charles Henry Moon, Civil Engineer.

In 1937, he became a Professional Land Surveyor in Pennsylvania. Throughout the rest of his career, Mr. Pickering devoted his time to land surveying as a surveyor consultant to many juries of view. His role was to head the computation and drafting department. He was also the firm’s representative in areas of land subdivision, municipal surveying, and land planning.

Mr. Pickering was associated with the predecessor firm, Edward Pickering, Jr., for many years. He was also a Life Member of the Bucks County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers.

Howard T. Corts (1917 – 1987)

Bio-HowardCortsMr. Corts attended the International Correspondence School from 1935 to 1937, where he studied Highway Engineering, Land Surveying, and Mapping. Following his education, he served as an apprentice surveyor for six years with the predecessor firm under Edward Pickering, Jr. and became a Professional Land Surveyor in Pennsylvania in 1943.

He then worked full-time with the predecessor firm under Edward Pickering, III for nine years until he moved on to become a partner in the firm in 1953.

Mr. Corts was responsible for heading the field surveying department from 1953 until his retirement in 1979. He was a Charter Member of the Bucks County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) and was named Surveyor of the Year in 1978 by the PSPE. In addition, he was a member of the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping.

Gerald J. Summerson (1923 – 1969)

Bio-GeraldSummersonMr. Summerson was a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts where he studied Civil Engineering. He also received an engineering education from Lafayette College and was a graduate of the US Naval Construction Training Center in Davisville, Rhode Island.

Mr. Summerson became a partner in the firm in March of 1953. He headed the engineering design and municipal consulting departments of the firm.

Mr. Summerson was a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Delaware. He was also a Charter Member and Past President of the Bucks County Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers.