Pickering Corts And Summerson

42 On-System and 4 Off-System Somerset County-Owned Bridges, Two Cycles

Client: NJDOT, Bureau of Structural Evaluation
Location: Somerset County, NJ
Type/Size: Routine NBIS and Underwater Inspections, Load Ratings, and Reports
Services: Bridge Inspection

This project included the NBIS inspection of 46 Somerset County Bridges for NJDOT. Inspection categories include biennial, underwater, special, and interim types. One bridge is over an active railroad and the remaining bridges are over waterways. PCS utilized large ladders, platform boats, and bridge trackers to gain access to reach critical areas. Superstructure types include concrete and corrugated aluminum arches, box culverts, rigid frames, steel trusses, steel beams, prestressed concrete beams and voided slabs, and glue laminated timber beams. Reports with our findings were prepared and submitted to the County.

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