Pickering Corts And Summerson

Inspection of State-Owned Bridges in Philadelphia

Client: PennDOT, Engineering District 6-0
Philadelphia County, PA
Routine NBIS Inspections and Reports
Bridge Inspection

PCS completed three separate contracts (one for 405 Bridges, one for 413 Bridges, and one for 391 Bridges) and is currently active in a fourth contract (404 Bridges) to inspect state owned bridges in the City of Philadelphia. Many of the bridges required lane closures on high traffic volume roadways including I-95, US 1, and I-76 as well as special access equipment such as inspection cranes and bucket trucks. Some of the bridges, particularly on I-95 where several viaducts extend over one mile in length, were much longer than bridges in other areas of the State. As part of these inspection contracts, PCS performed in-depth inspections of two of the longest structures, the double deck Girard Point Bridge on I-95 (5,167′) and the Platt Bridge on State Route 291 (Penrose Avenue) (8,780′), both over the Schuylkill River. Two of the bridges were movable structures, Passyunk and University Avenues over the Schuylkill River. Many of the bridges had fracture critical members. Suspected fatigue cracks were tested with dye penetrant and magnetic particle methods. During peak periods, over 50 bridges per month were inspected by mobilizing five inspection teams. To reduce disruption of traffic, some of the inspections were conducted on weekends and at night. Vertical and lateral underclearances were measured and shown on sketches for all bridges over State roadways.


Girard Bridge (web)