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Pontis CoRe Element Open-End Agreements

Client: PennDOT, Central Office
Location: Districts 5-0, 6-0, and 8-0
Type/Size: Identified PA CoRe Bridge Elements and Calculated Bridge Element Quantities
Services: Bridge Inspection

PCS was retained by PennDOT on three separate consecutive agreements to identify, quantify, and record PennDOT bridge elements utilizing the PA CoRe Element Coding Guide. The PA CoRe Element Coding Guide is based upon the AASHTO Guide for Commonly Recognized (CoRe) Structural Elements with modifications pertinent to Pennsylvania bridges. The PA CoRe Element Coding Guide was the basis for the Pontis-Based Bridge Management System 2 (BMS2). The purpose of these open-end agreements was to assure that bridge element data was accurately identified and recorded. The inventory of the bridge elements was the first critical step to element level inspections. The scope of work included identifying PA CoRe bridge elements utilizing the PA CoRe Element Coding Guide, calculating bridge element quantities and scale factors, and recording the values on a span by span basis in a database provided by the Department. Paper forms detailing the bridge elements, quantities, and scale factors for each bridge were submitted to the Districts, along with electronic copies of bridge element data. Site visits were performed for structures without existing plans to collect bridge element data and CADD drawings were completed to document the make-up of the structure.