Pickering Corts And Summerson

SR 0080, Section 09S: Design-Build

Client: James D. Morrissey, Inc.
Location: Monroe County, Pennsylvania
Type/Size: 2.4 Mile, Full-Depth Concrete Pavement Replacement, Design-Build
Owner: PennDOT, Engineering District 5-0
Services: Design-Build Partnerships

This 100% State funded design-build project called for the reconstruction of the full-depth concrete pavement along 1.6 miles of SR 0080 Eastbound and 0.8 miles of SR 0380 Southbound at the I-80/I-380 Interchange in Monroe County. The complexity of the project appears simple; however the accelerated schedule made this project a real challenge.

The project’s special provisions stipulated that all travel lanes had to be reopened three months after NTP. Knowing the time constraints, the District’s personnel cooperated with all efforts to expedite the project, including an unprecedented short award period and allowed design work to proceed prior to NTP.

The Traffic Control Plan (TCP) was identified early in the bidding process as being the critical project element. PCS worked closely with the Contractor, James D. Morrissey, Inc., and devised a practical five stage construction plan that would facilitate maintaining traffic at all times. PCS then evaluated the design submissions and determined that dividing the TCP and submitting the initial stages separately would allow the District’s reviewers to focus on the critical stages that would enable the contractor to begin work as early as possible.


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