Pickering Corts And Summerson

Brownsburg Road Reconstruction

Client: Wrightstown Township
Location: Bucks County, PA
Type/Size: Roadway Reconstruction Utilizing Green Process
Services: Municipal Engineering

PCS Utilizes Green Process for Brownsburg Road Reconstruction Project

PCS worked with Wrightstown Township in Bucks County on the reconstruction of Brownsburg Road. This unique roadway project, that involved the total reconstruction of approximately 1.5 miles of rolling and hilly roadway, utilized in-place full depth reclamation. The reclamation contractor used a specially designed reclaiming machine to pulverize the existing asphalt pavement along with some of the road’s underlying base material.

Additionally, a Portland cement additive was blended with the pulverized material to strengthen and stabilize the base course. After shaping to the proper profile and compacting, a hot mix asphalt wearing course was provided. Three culverts were also replaced as part of the project.

This innovative process was more environmentally sensitive than the traditional reconstruction method. Since the full depth reclamation method reuses 100% of the existing roadway material, no material was exported from the project site and land-filled or discarded as backfill. Additionally, by using all the recycled in-place materials, there was no need to import aggregates or other materials to the project, which ultimately saved the Township time and money. This greener reconstruction process also provided the least disruption to area residents during the project’s four week construction schedule.

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