Pickering Corts And Summerson

Stormwater Management Plan

Client: Wells Appel Land Strategies
Location: Middletown Township, PA
Type/Size: Total Care Facility
Services: Site Development

The storm water system was designed to mimic the functional properties of a riparian corridor floodplain. This strategy integrates a number of different Best Management Practices (BMPs) including a sedimentation basin, vegetated swales, forebay, infiltration basins, created treatment wetlands, and a small pond. These BMPs work in series to attenuate peak flows, promote groundwater recharge, and passively remove pollutants through a combination of filtering, settling, and biological treatment mechanisms. The project succeeded in providing regional storm water control, which protects downstream residential properties from severe flooding.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives, the Pennsylvania Senate, and the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC/PA) have recognized this project for engineering excellence. In addtion, this project was awarded the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in Design in 2003 for its use of BMPs.


Concept Rendering #1


Concept Rendering #2


Photo of Forbay