Pickering Corts And Summerson

Villas of Newtown

Client:  McGrath Homes
Location: Newtown, PA
Type/Size: Age-Qualified Community
Services: Site Development

PCS provided design, permitting, and construction stake out services for a 172 unit age-qualified community located on 58 acres in Newtown Township. The project included the design of two stormwater management facilities that provided controls for the project site and off-site areas.  The project design occurring prior to the adoption of the “new” BMP design requirements associated with the NPDES permit.  Due to the anticipated project schedule and the need to renew permits in the future, PCS incorporated grass lined swales, bio-retention areas, forebays, rock filters, and infiltration practices that meet the anticipated future permitting requirements.  As the project proceeded and permits expired, the renewal process was completed without the need for costly redesign, thus saving the client both time and money.  PCS provided complete design services including the design of nearly 1 mile of new roadway, 1.5 miles of storm drain ranging in size from 15″ to 60″, water and sanitary sewer mains extension, and erosion and sediment control design as well as obtaining various approvals and permits for the project.