Pickering Corts And Summerson

Groveville-Allentown Road over Doctors Creek

Client: NJDOT
Mercer County, NJ
2-Span Concrete Stringer Bridge
Structural Engineering

The significant achievement of this project was developing an uncomplicated economical solution for the transportation needs of our client within an environmentally sensitive area. The highway design focused on layouts that minimized or eliminated geometry that could complicate construction. The General Contractor attested to the success of this goal, when he reported that the design approach made construction a simple and straightforward undertaking. Two key design issues involved the replacement of the historic pony truss bridge and elimination of periodic roadway flooding.

Close coordination with the County and with the Historic Preservation Office established a mitigation plan to relocate the existing superstructure to an established bicycle/pedestrian path. PCS engineers developed design alternatives with associated costs that evaluated the flood conditions, resulting from various structures and roadway alignments. This analysis led to a County selected scheme that included the two-span bridge configuration and allowed nominal overtopping of the roadway during peak flood conditions.

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