Pickering Corts And Summerson

Rehabilitation of County Moveable Bridge S-32

Client: Monmouth County, NJ
Location: Sea Bright, Monmouth County, NJ
Type/Size: Rehabilitation of Moveable Bridge
Services: Structural Engineering

Deteriorating conditions discovered by our bridge inspectors prompted the County to initiate this project. Complete section loss in the webs of the stringers beneath the open grid deck of the bascule span led to a priority repair notification to both Monmouth County and NJDOT. The County selected PCS to develop the construction documents for the rehabilitation, and requested other safety repairs that would enhance the performance and extend the life of the bridge, including the repair or replacement of sidewalk support brackets in the main and approach spans, heal joint and sidewalk replacement in the bascule span, flower box repairs, repairs to the two barrier gates, replacement of the two traffic signal gates, replacement of the span lock machinery and live load supports while they install other machinery sensors as the Bentley Nevada probe to prevent further damage, as well as replacement of the electrical lines and conduits for the lighting, traffic, and bridge control systems.

Contacts with the local municipalities determined that the roadway could only be closed from mid-January to mid-April, due to seasonal traffic demands. This timeframe coincided with a significant reduction of bridge openings for marine traffic. Coordination with the County and municipalities determined that the roadway closure would be further limited to February and March, which led to the development of a detailed construction staging and Traffic Control Plan (TCP). One challenge of the TCP was providing a traffic barrier for the moveable span that would not prevent raising the bridge.


Beam Repairs



Bridge Brackets