Pickering Corts And Summerson

Replacement of SR 0191 Bridge over Mill Creek at Haag’s Mill

Client: PennDOT, Engineering District 4-0
Dreher Township, Wayne County, PA
Rehabilitation of Historic Bridge
Structural Engineering

Context-Sensitive Bridge Design

The bridge carrying SR 0191 over Mill Creek in the Haag’s Mill section of Dreher Township, Wayne County, is located within the Lower Mill Creek Historic District. Lower Mill Creek was a focal point for agricultural and water-powered industrial development in the late 1800’s, consisting of numerous dams, farms, and gristmills.

The original stone arch bridge was constructed in 1873 and featured a semi-circular arch span of 24 ft., rising approximately 20 ft. above the water surface. The bridge provided a vital link for the regional transportation network which supplied two adjacent mills with access to customers and markets. Because of its individual importance and contribution to the region, the structure is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

In partnersabcdlogohip with numerous regulatory agencies, local historical societies, and other interested parties, PennDOT and its design consultant, PCS, developed a replacement bridge design that would respect the historical importance of the structure and the context of its surroundings while meeting the demands of modern day travel and engineering design criteria. A prefabricated concrete arch replacement structure was completed in 2007. The new bridge utilized precast concrete technology, which allowed both rapid and cost-effective construction. The replacement bridge was built to match the dimensions of the original bridge and featured concrete stamping and staining to resemble the size, color and pattern of the original stonework. A unique treatment to the exposed portion of the precast arch was incorporated to recreate the ring and key stones of the original arch. In addition to the architectural finishes, the project has constructed a commemorative pedestal with stone salvaged from the original bridge and location signs marking the boundaries of the historic district along SR 0191. This project was the recipient of The Association for Bridge Construction and Design – Susquehanna Chapter 2007-2008 Outstanding Achievement award.