Pickering Corts And Summerson

Three York County Bridge Replacements

Client: PennDOT, Engineering District 8-0
Location: York County, PA
Type/Size: One 3-Span and Two Single Span Rural Bridge Replacements
Services: Structural Engineering

PCS provided the engineering services necessary to develop the construction contract documents for the reconstruction of three bridges in York County. The roadways associated with these bridges are narrow, 19′ to 23′ wide two-lane rural collectors with no shoulders and relatively light traffic volumes. Each location has environmental and cultural resources that add to the scenic character of their rural communities. In keeping with the principals of Context Sensitive Design, our design approach avoids creating a significant change in the character of the roadway by blending the proposed improvements with the project surroundings, both natural and developed. Providing the minimum design values for the improvements avoids creating the “superhighway” effect that is most feared by local communities.

Photo 1

SR 2001, Section 005 – Single Span

 Photo 1

SR 3041, Section 002 – Single Span


SR 4009, Section 003 – Three Span