Pickering Corts And Summerson

Statewide Underwater Bridge Safety Inspections (2004-2009)

Client: PennDOT, Bureau of Design
Location: Statewide, Pennsylvania
Type/Size: Estimated 500 Bridges Involving over 1,000 Substructure Elements
Services: Underwater Inspections

PCS provided PennDOT with underwater bridge safety inspections and streambed scour evaluations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on an open-end contract. PCS utilized its in-house diving capability with inspection teams led by highly skilled Professional Engineers.

Our commercially certified divers are also certified bridge inspectors. During this project, they performed inspection and condition surveys on a variety of submerged substructures. These inspections were done in Pennsylvania’s deeper waterways where wading and probing techniques cannot be completed by a normal bridge inspection team.

In addition to the structural inspection of the submerged bridge components, the channel and streambed were evaluated for existing and potential scour. Specialized equipment, including various fathometers and strip chart recorders were employed to provide the client with detailed information on streambed scour and its relation to the foundation elevations of the bridge.