Pickering Corts And Summerson

Statewide Underwater Bridge Safety Inspections (2009-2014)

Client: PennDOT, Bureau of Design
Location: Statewide, Pennsylvania
Type/Size: 500 Bridges Involving Nearly 1000 Substructure Elements Comprised of Concrete, Timber, Stone Masonry, and Steel
Services: Underwater Inspections

PCS provided PennDOT with underwater bridge safety inspections and streambed scour evaluations throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on this open-end contract. PCS utilized its in-house diving capability with inspection teams led by highly skilled Professional Engineers, Certified Bridge Safety Inspectors, and Commercial Divers.

All substructure elements were carefully inspected for section loss and general deterioration. In addition, recommendations to PennDOT were prioritized with estimated quantities and associated costs, along with repair techniques and methods.

This was our 8th consecutive statewide underwater contract with PennDOT since 1987. During inspections, hardhat diving with surface supplied air and hard wire communication systems enabled our commercially certified bridge inspection divers to be in constant two-way voice contact with Professional Engineers. All diving was performed conforming to OSHA regulations for commercial diving – 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart T.