Pickering Corts And Summerson

Statewide Underwater Bridge Safety Inspections (2011-2016)

Client: PennDOT, Bureau of Design
Location: Statewide, Pennsylvania
Type/Size: Nearly 500 Bridges Involving Approximately 1000 Substructure Elements Comprised of Concrete, Timber, Stone Masonry, and Steel
Services: Underwater Inspections

PCS served as the Prime Consultant for PennDOT on this open-end Statewide Contract throughout Pennsylvania. This project included the underwater inspection of nearly 500 State-Owned and Locally-Owned bridges located throughout Pennsylvania. In addition to the physical inspection of the substructure elements and waterway, iForms for each bridge were completed and submitted. The technical report detailed any defects and included streambed evaluations for existing and potential scour and the substructure’s vulnerability to scour. An underwater inspection contract utilizing a firm with in-house diving has many advantages in assuring the overall success of the contract. In-house services streamline coordination, improve inspection efficiency, and allow for instant response.

PCS has a history of providing a highly successful in-house diving operation that is streamlined and efficient. This is our 9th consecutive statewide underwater contract with PennDOT since 1987. PCS utilizes the latest technology for underwater imaging (high resolution sonar imaging system). The MS 1000 PC-Based Scanning Sonar produces detailed images in zero visibility water. These quality images show excellent detail, such as the pier configuration, footings, sheet piling, structural defects, streambed location, and scour holes. This cutting edge imaging system improves inspection efficiency and safety. In addition, these types of images can be taken during floods when the use of divers is not feasible.

South Street Bridge, Philadelphia, PA (B) Lake Nockamixon (E)