Pickering Corts And Summerson


You could be in a position to gain a lot, or two.

The process of dividing a large piece of land into multiple lots is called subdivision design. Subdividing a piece of land involves all of the disciplines in a civil engineering firm. A tract of land needs to be surveyed first to determine its size, shape, and topography as well as the location of any obstacles to development such as wetlands. Using this information, Civil Engineers develop a design which will realize the sites best and highest potential. The design process involves providing safe and efficient access to the property and providing for utility services such as water, sewer, gas, and electric to serve the property. Another necessity will be the design of a drainage system to control the flow of stormwater. Once the plans are complete, they are submitted to the local boards or commissions and conservation districts for review and approval. Depending upon the particular requirements of the project, several state permits may also be required.

PCS’s professional engineers and surveyors are available to lend their expertise to help you realize the potential of your property and get the best desired design for your particular parcel of land.

Prior to Subdivision

After Subdivision

The existing home remains. A new lot is created within the original parcel.