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Forensic Surveys

ForensicSurveying1Staffed with experienced professionals in the areas of land surveying and forensic surveying, PCS can provide you with the highest quality services. Our licensed Professional Land Surveyors perform forensic surveys in a variety of litigation areas. We typically collect measurements consisting of distances, angles, elevations, locations, and identify site features. We then compile this data for submission as evidence. In many cases, this information is used to provide support to an eyewitness or an expert witness testimony. Our forensic surveying applications include the preparation of detailed drawings and maps. Courtroom presentation plats are often prepared to depict crime scenes, boundary line disputes, riparian rights, accidents, locations, and determinations. We often render these plats in color to ensure the presentation is clear and concise for the judge and the jury.

Our PCS Survey Teams are equipped with the latest survey and computer systems. We continually monitor technological developments in the survey industry and acquire the best-suited instruments. We strive to optimize our efficiency in the field and reduce costs for our clients.

Our equipment includes:

  • Survey Total Stations including Robotic and Reflectorless for Specialized Applications
  • Survey Data Collectors with Direct Electronic Storage of all Data Collected
  • GPS Systems both Standard and Real Time
  • Automatic and Digital Levels
  • A fleet of Fully Equipped Survey Trucks

Our computer workstations include the most current software applications in the engineering and surveying fields. Our trained CADD technicians are proficient in downloading, uploading, and editing survey data to create topographic or boundary plans and 3-dimensional terrain models.

Forensic survey clients include:

  • Attorneys
  • Municipalities
  • Insurance Companies
  • State and Federal Agencies

We will gladly provide, at your request, a compilation of court cases and expert witness testimony.

For Forensic Surveying inquiries, please contact Donald Rife, P.L.S. at: (215) 968-9300 ext 240

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