Pickering Corts And Summerson

Hydrographic Surveys

PCS’s hydrographic surveys show the topography of the bottom of streams, lakes, and rivers. It can be used to determine the location of obstructions and determine the depth of the channel. It provides amazing detail of the river bottoms and sea floors, especially in rocky and rough terrain, where it gives a complete picture of the bottom.

Our hydrographic survey crews utilize the Hydrolite-TM from Seafloor Systems, Inc. The Hydrolite-TM is Bluetooth compatible and the integrated system is connected to a Leica RTK GPS and Data Collector to quickly measure depths more accurately than standard systems. The versatile system works in depths from 1 foot to approximately 200 feet. PCS hydrographic survey crews maintain several different size boats for numerous applications. All work is performed under the supervision of a Professional Land Surveyor and a Professional Engineer. For more information, contact Al Jackson, S.E.T., at 215-968-9300 ext. 224.